• Honey Sampler Gift Sets
  • Honey Sampler Gift Sets
  • Honey Sampler Gift Sets

Honey Sampler Gift Sets

$ 22.00

Savannah Bee Honey Sample Sets are the perfect way to sample our honey three flavors at a time!

The Everyday Honey Sample Set includes 3oz jars of Honey for Grilling, Honey for Tea, and Honey for Cheese. Honey for the Grill is specially selected and blended to be robust enough to hold up on the grill and works well with any kind of meat. Honey For Your Tea is carefully chosen to be the perfect sweetener for fine teas. It sweetens without overwhelming your favorite tea's delicate flavors and fragrances. Honey for Cheese is selected to to pair nicely with a wide variety of cheeses.

The Whipped Honey Sample Set feature one 3oz Whipped Honey in Original, Cinnamon, and Chocolate.

The Artisanal Honey Sampler Set  includes three of our popular varietal honeys, each in a 3 oz bottle: Sourwood, Black Sage and Lavender Honey. It’s the perfect and sweetest way to sample a variety of honey.