Meet Our Team

Krön Chocolatier was founded with a simple mission: to make each chocolate more tantalizing than the last.

Marnie Ives


I started in the chocolate business after earning my MBA in Finance and then attending cooking school as a way to be my own boss and create products I love. I've made my chocolate addiction work for me, and I never get tired of keeping the brand's classic items alive. People remember having a freshly dipped pineapple slice or a Budapest truffle 30 years ago and keep coming back for more! And there are always new ideas that we test out in the kitchen and add to our product line.

Creating gift items like special serving dishes filled with chocolates or velvet pouches filled with truffles sets us apart from traditional boxed chocolates that can be found everywhere. I'm always working on matching the perfect gift for every occasion and recipient. You wouldn't give your mother the same gift you give your dentist or your coworker, so I make sure there's something appropriate and indulgent for everyone.