Best Holiday Chocolates to try from Kron Chocolatier this winter

Best Holiday Chocolates

Kron Chocolatier is your best go-to if you are looking for the best Christmas chocolates. After all, their chocolates are handmade and delightedly sweet. In fact, the Christmas chocolates for holiday in their collection are epitome of perfection. Soft, sweet, and special; their chocolates have the rich taste that tickles the taste buds. When you get a taste of their chocolate, it swells up a want for more inside you. Besides, their selection has every type of chocolate. So, there are so many options for you to try. No other chocolatier can even come close to making such best holiday chocolates. Anyway, here we will go through the sure heart winners in their collection.

Holiday chocolates add to the festivity of the season with their sweetness.

But before we begin, you should know that Kron chocolatier is the most reliable go-to for the best holiday chocolates. They make all their chocolates with love. In fact, if you want to give someone a holiday chocolate gift, their chocolates are the best. After all, they make all their chocolates with the most premium ingredients. Moreover, the pricing is low for customer satisfaction. So, if you want chocolates that are miracles made manifest, sift through their selection. Dark chocolate vs milk chocolate, they know how to get the flavor right every single time. Now, let’s go through the best holiday chocolates you can buy from their collection.

Best Holiday chocolates in the Kron Chocolatier selection

When it comes to the best holiday chocolates, Kron chocolatier is straight out delivering you delightedly wholesome chocolatey sensations. As aforementioned, their chocolates are handmade with love. Thus, each of their holiday chocolates packs a mouth-watering and chocolatey feel.

Artisanal Craftsmanship
    Freshness Guaranteed
      Premium Ingredients
        Various Size Options


          Artisanal Craftsmanship Freshness Guaranteed Premium Ingredients Various Size Options Because they only use the finest chocolate ingredients, you taste the highest-bar quality in every mouthful. From the packaging to their last bite, their chocolates are nothing short of a wonder. Kron chocolatier knows how to bring out the best taste in chocolates. This is the main reason all their chocolates are a hit with their customers. The taste lingers in the mouth and the goodness grows on itself. If you are ready to buy some, here are the best options lined up for you:

          Chocolate Toy Soldier

          Among the best holiday chocolates, you can try their chocolate toy soldier. These are hand-poured solid chocolate soldiers. And these are sure to charm up the holiday season for you and your loved ones. After all, these toy soldier chocolates look just as charming as they taste. Besides, they use the finest premium milk or dark chocolate to craft these toy soldier chocolates. Additionally, these are 13 inches tall. And they are delivered to you wrapped in gift paper. You can try these if you want a dreamy feel for the holidays. These chocolate toy soldiers are a delight through and through. Suitable for all age groups, their taste sets alight your sweet cravings. One bite leads to another until you eat through all of these. These chocolates are an explosion of flavor.

          Holiday Chocolate Gift Basket


          If there is one thing better than chocolates, it is a whole basket of them. The holiday chocolate gift basket of Kron chocolatier is easily among their best holiday chocolates. Moreover, you can also use these baskets to gift someone. It will be like sending your best wishes – deepest feelings – to someone special. What’s more, these gifts baskets are brimming with seasonal treats and Kron’s best-loved gourmet chocolates. Additionally, each basket has the following:

          • A selection of caramel nut turtles
          • Almond bark
          • Chocolate truffles
          • Twice dipped Oreos
          • Pretzels
          • Foil wrapped milk chocolate
          • Marshmallows

          You should know that they ship these holiday chocolate gift baskets everywhere and anywhere in the US. Lastly, these chocolate baskets come wrapped in cello and tied with holiday ribbon. Moreover, you can also ask for custom selections if you want. This way, you can send personalized baskets to your loved ones. All the products in these baskets have a rich taste and texture. Once you try these, you will crave chocolate so intensely from Kron Chocolatier.

          Gourmet Chocolate Gift Crates


          If you want an indulgent experience, Kron chocolatier has the best holiday chocolates. And in these, you get the green pass to try gourmet chocolate gift boxes. Much like gift baskets, these crates are versatile in nature. In these crates, you will find the best-selling gourmet chocolates. Moreover, these are made fresh in their kitchen – daily. These wooden crates include the following selection of products in usual:

          • Twice-dipped chocolate covered pretzels
          • Caramel and nut turtles
          • Chocolate dipped graham crackers
          • Chocolate covered Oreos
          • Marshmallows
          • Chocolate dipped dried and glazed fruits
          • Butter crunch
          • Assorted chocolate truffles

          Moreover, each of these is beautifully presented in an authentic wooden crate. So, if you want to taste a harmonious blend of sweet and chocolatey goodness, these crates are your reliable go-to. Undoubtedly, they make their chocolate with the finest ingredients to ensure you taste high-bar quality. What’s more, the other magic that makes their chocolates a wonder is that they make these with love. The taste of their chocolate selection will cloud your mind and heart – the best gift you can have this holiday season.

          Budapest Truffles


          Because they are skilled and experienced in making chocolates, their chocolates are a true delight. You can pick any and every chocolate in their selection and it will simply be among the best holiday chocolates this season. Besides, they make chocolate selections with an artisanal approach. Thus, each chocolate holds up to the high-bar standards. Now Budapest truffles are their best sellers. These gourmet truffles are made from dark chocolate, cream, butter, and cocoa. By blending these in secret proportions, they make them truly perfect. So, if you are a true chocolate lover, these hand-cut truffles are something that you must try. There is no preservative in these chocolates. Also, you should know that if you want to enjoy these at a flavor-rich peak, you must keep these frozen or refrigerated. Otherwise, you will not be able to savor their taste.

          Kron Chocolate Nonpareils


          They have the best holiday chocolates because they are all fresh and flavorful. Besides, they make chocolates with extreme care and consideration. Thus, you are sure to love them. Try their Kron Chocolate Nonpareils if you want to have butterflies in your stomach. These are customer favorites because they hold the magic that brings you a divine taste. Unlike other chocolatiers, their selection has elevated flavors and textures for you. These are made with high quality milk and dark chocolate. Moreover, these come in three variations:

          • Mix of milk and dark chocolate nonpareils
          • All milk chocolate with rainbow sprinkles
          • All dark chocolate with white sprinkles

          Whether you want a small amount or a generous supply, they can deliver to you what you require. Undoubtedly, if you want a heavenly experience this holiday season, these nonpareils are your go-to chocolates. You will be munching on these all season long – all through the holidays – and then some. Moreover, if you like, you can pair these with other delectables like chocolate covered popcorn for an enhanced pleasure. They leave nothing to chance; you get the most perfect taste every single time. If you want a dreamy and surreal feel, you better order some right away.


          Kron chocolatier crafts their chocolates to give customers a sweet sensory pleasure. Because their chocolates are made with the finest ingredients, they are simply the best holiday chocolates. Undoubtedly, these chocolates will ignite your sweet cravings. If you are looking for sure heart winners, try the following:

          • Kron Chocolate Nonpareils
          • Budapest Truffles
          • Gourmet Chocolate Gift Crates
          • Holiday Chocolate Gift Basket
          • Chocolate Toy Soldier

          All these chocolates are superb in taste. If you want to enhance the festivity of your holidays, you need these chocolates as your in-the-house snack. Clearly, their chocolates are a versatile delicacy that suits all occasions. You can easily maximize the magic of your holidays with these chocolate options by your side. In fact, if you want to give your loved ones the best holiday chocolates, these are the options you have.

          Undoubtedly, these chocolates will convey your deep feelings to your loved ones. To amp up the gift, you can pair up some foil wrapped chocolates with these as well. Chocolates are something that is loved by someone. And if made as perfectly as Kron’s, the magic only goes on to increase with each bite.

          All in all, if you want the best chocolatey treats for this holiday season, start sifting through their collection right away. The chocolates you order from them will be delivered to you at the peak of their freshness. Their chocolate selection will bring you the true magic of holidays with their special taste, superior packaging, and sweet aroma. Delight your tastebuds; order some and make your holidays even better.

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