What is a Chocolate Truffle? All You Need to Know

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One treat that no one can resist is chocolate. The chocolate industry has been luring customers with imaginative treats, each more exquisite than the last. "The Chocolate Truffles" is one of these wonders.

The flavors and variants of chocolate truffles are numerous. But every chocolate truffle's basic structure combines chocolate and cream. Truffles can be molded into figures, dusted with cocoa powder, drizzled with white chocolate, airbrushed, or topped with sprinkles, nuts, or chocolate shavings by chocolatiers, among other techniques.

A chocolate truffle's basic components are tempered chocolate on the outside and chocolate ganache within. The delicious chocolate ganache filling is made from bittersweet chocolate and heavy cream. To give the delicate and creamy ganache filling a firm shell, it is dipped in tempered chocolate.

The chocolate truffle's robust chocolate shell gives it a delightful crunch and makes it simpler to handle. The lusciously creamy ganache interior makes it even more delicious! This decadent, bite-sized dessert combines rich, chocolatey flavors and textures for a truly indulgent treat.

History of the chocolate truffle and why it is called a chocolate truffle

This exquisite dish is the result of French Patisseries’ collective culinary genius. It was probably an accident that turned into the truffle, an undeniable luxury that looks like a wild fungus mushroom.

Chocolate truffles that are produced traditionally often have an uneven shape and a dark or black tint. They also resemble mushrooms that have been dug up.

Regarding the first creation, there have been two reported events.

The French bakery Louis DuFour is the subject of the first event.

On Christmas Eve 1895 in Chambray, France, it is believed that Louis made the customary Christmas chocolate delights before deciding he wanted to surprise his clients with something innovative and fresh. He created a fine chocolate ganache and formed it into tiny spheres to further this goal. The ganache spheres were rolled in cocoa powder so they would be easier to handle and wouldn't melt in people's hands. Because of his inventiveness, his unexpected creation turned into a delicacy that everyone coveted.

Since homemade chocolate truffles remarkably resemble the original truffle mushrooms, they were given the name "truffles." The first is a simple chocolate ganache, while the second is a more complex ganache that is covered in tempered chocolate. The chocolate business has tried making chocolate-covered mushrooms, even though they don't often contain real truffles or the mushroom.

According to legend,  the second event happened in the 1920s. Truffles were accidentally created by an apprentice of the renowned French chef Auguste Escoffier. The apprentice was attempting to prepare pastry cream when he inadvertently poured hot cream into a basin with chocolate pieces rather than one with beaten eggs and sugar. He didn't discard the chocolate because of the mishap; instead, he dealt with it and obtained the first French truffle.

What is the difference between Chocolate and Chocolate Truffle?

A chocolate truffle is essentially a chocolate-based dessert. While chocolate can be consumed on its own, a chocolate truffle can only be made by combining chocolate and cream to form a delectable, novel bite-sized delight. We'll go over what distinguishes chocolate from a chocolate truffle in greater detail below.


Chocolate is created by converting cocoa beans into chocolate liquid, the main component of a chocolate bar. There are three three basic steps in this procedure.

  1. The flavor and color of the cocoa beans are first developed through roasting. The cocoa bean meat is then broken into tiny pieces known as cocoa nibs after the outer shell has been removed.
  2. The main ingredient in a chocolate bar is made from the cocoa nibs that have been processed into chocolate liquor. To complete the basic chocolate recipe, the chocolate liquid is combined with cocoa butter and sugar.
  3. Blending the chocolate liquor and shaping the chocolate: The basic components are blended, and then the concoction is refined by the chocolatier. Depending on the type of chocolate they are producing, they will now add other ingredients like milk or vanilla. After cooling and hardening into chocolate as we know it, the chocolate-flavored substance is finally poured into a mold.

This procedure yields a typical chocolate bar or chocolate chips, which can later star in more challenging culinary creations. For instance, chocolate can also be found in little pieces that are loaded with interesting flavors like peanut butter or mint crème. These delectable confections can include a wide variety of flavors. They are made of tempered chocolate and flavored fillings in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Some of the most common fillings for chocolate candies are listed below: 

  • Nutella®
  • Caramel
  • Peanut butter
  • Fruit purees 
  • Mint
  • Mousse
  • Toffee
  • Cream
  • Nuts
  • Liquors

Because they are essentially fillings encased in a chocolate coating, these candies nevertheless belong under the category of chocolates and not chocolate truffles. Depending on the filling, these candies may have a crunchy, chewy, or other texture in place of the smooth chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Truffle

Truffles made with chocolate rely on chocolate as its major flavoring and ingredient. Chocolate truffles, as opposed to typical chocolate-covered chocolates, alter the constitution of the chocolate by fusing it with heavy cream. Chocolate and boiling cream are combined to create ganache, a rich, thick substance that resembles velvety icing but is less spreadable.

Types of Chocolate Truffles

The truffle has been modified by chocolatiers all over the world using various methods, fillings, and ingredients. What you need to know about the main varieties of chocolate truffles is as follows:

American Truffles

The shape of American truffles is oval. They contain a combination of dark and milk chocolates, butterfat, and occasionally coconut oil.

Belgian Truffles

Belgian truffles have a soft interior and a firm outer shell. Buttercream, marzipan, chocolate ganache, and nut pastes are typical fillings.

Canadian Truffles

The filling of Canadian truffles, also known as Harvey truffles, is composed of peanut butter and crushed graham crackers.

French Truffles

Fresh cream and chocolate are used to make French truffles. The truffles are coated in nut or cocoa powder after the chocolate has hardened.

Spanish Truffles

Spanish truffles are created with condensed milk and dark chocolate and frequently include rum or another liqueur. They frequently have chocolate sprinkles on top.

Swiss Truffles

Melted chocolate is blended with a mixture of boiling butter and cream to make Swiss truffles. The truffles are placed in molds to solidify before being dusted with cocoa or nut powder.

How Krön Chocolatier makes their famous Budapest Truffles?

Dark chocolate, cream, butter, and cocoa are perfectly mixed in secret ratios to create Krön Chocolatier’s  best-selling gourmet truffle. For a true chocolate enthusiast, these handmade, hand-cut truffles are ideal. These truffles are made without the use of preservatives. To enjoy the pure dark chocolate to its fullest, please store frozen or in the refrigerator and serve at room temperature. Due to this product's perishable nature, next-day delivery is required to warm places. 

Three sizes of our Budapest truffles are offered: 1/4 pound, 1/2 pound, and 1 pound.

Experience the divine taste of an expertly made chocolate truffle by ordering your Budapest truffles from Krön Chocolatier.


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