Why Do I Crave Chocolate So Intensely?

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Craving chocolate is something we all experience from time to time. The reason behind these varies from hormonal fluctuations to brain chemistry.

Craving chocolate is natural. After all, we all have experienced it from time to time. You can be going about your day normally and then suddenly it hits you: the irresistible urge to eat chocolate! In fact, these cravings hit you so hard that all you think about is biting into a velvety bar of chocolate. Additionally, these cravings hit you irrespective of your age and time. For instance, you might start craving for chocolate as a late-night snack or a mid-afternoon pleasure. Therefore, these cravings are a commonly occurring phenomenon. Still, it leaves you wondering why you are suddenly getting these cravings – as it should. 

Here, we are going to unpack – unwrap – the fascinating science to explain the why of this; why do you start craving chocolate all of a sudden? Moreover, we will also explore the reasons we love to treat ourselves to chocolates so much. Ultimately, this will help you understand why chocolate goes to the heart first before it goes to the stomach – the reason it is such a well-loved treat. 

Reasons behind craving chocolate 

There are so many factors – reasons – behind craving chocolate. For instance, chocolate helps release endorphins. Thus, it creates a high sense of comfort and well-being. Clearly, it is an emotional soother. So, when you are stressed, you might ignite these cravings all sudden. After all, in this scenario, the chocolate will help you relax and stay stress-free. In fact, it is a very ideal solution for some people to make chocolate their ideal go-to treat if they start getting anxious or stressed. Here are some of the more reasons behind chocolate cravings:

Hormonal Fluctuations result in craving chocolate

Surprise to no one, one of the many reasons behind craving chocolate include hormonal fluctuations. Additionally, because it is something associated with women only, females are the ones tempted by chocolate’s allure when experiencing hormonal fluctuations. Besides, this happens during certain phases. For instance, the cravings go up and are intense when women experience menstrual cycles. After all, these hormonal fluctuations cause shifts in the mood and energy levels as well. Thus, if you are a woman, your body will naturally crave chocolate. Why? Well, as aforementioned, chocolate will comfort you in this shifting of mood and energy. Undoubtedly, it will provide you with the relief you need from these hormonal swings – temporarily. 

  • Key Takeaway: 

When hormonal swings leave you craving chocolate, you can get temporary relief from satiating these cravings. 

Brain Chemistry leaves you craving chocolate 

As aforementioned, chocolates help the body release endorphins. Thus, one of the reasons behind craving chocolate is the chemistry of the brain. For example, chocolates are known to contain phenylethylamine (PEA). And this is something that triggers the release of endorphins. Ultimately, the release of endorphins creates a pleasurable sensation – an experience of comfort. Moreover, chocolates also contain caffeine and theobromine in minor amounts. Therefore, it causes a stimulating effect. Undoubtedly, the body starts relying on chocolate for this stimulating effect and sends in the cravings whenever in need of stimulation. 

  • Key Takeaway:

Much of the brain stimulation directly depends on chocolates; it is one of the reasons you start craving chocolate. 

Nutrient Deficiencies trigger chocolate cravings

In accordance with experts, you experience chocolate cravings when your body needs certain nutrients. For instance, when your body runs low on nutrients like Magnesium, it sends up cravings for chocolate so that you can satiate and fill up the requirement. After all, chocolate is dense with all these certain types of nutrients that the body needs for proper – and better – functioning. In fact, chocolate is one of the edible items that are highly rich in Magnesium. Besides, nutrients like Magnesium are essential for the body. They help with bodily functions such as:

  • Muscle and nerve functioning
  • Controlling blood sugar levels
  • Regulating blood pressure in body

Thus, if you are looking for chocolate craving meaning someday, keep it pinned in the back of mind. After all, you might be one chocolate away from helping your body get its fill of certain nutrients. Just a bite of this sweet delicacy and your body will get its fill of the nutrients it needs – pleasure coupled with proper functioning!

  • Key Takeaway:

 Chocolate helps regulate body functioning by providing the body with certain nutrients it needs for better control and working. 

Craving Chocolate comes from sugar addiction

adding sugar in chocolate

Needless to say, chocolates have a high amount of sugar in them. And this sugar is addictive to a point of no return. So, if you have an unnatural desire for chocolates, you might be on your way to becoming a sugar addict. After all, it is very natural for chocolate enthusiasts to be sugar addicts. The reason behind this is very simple and depends much on the brain chemistry as well. For instance, sugar consumption results in dopamine release by the brain. Ultimately, this dopamine highlights the consumed sugar as a reward. It triggers the reward system in the brain. Furthermore, this reward system makes you crave sugar – chocolate, a source – more and more. Thus, the desire for sweetness of chocolate is ever evolving if you are a sugar addict. It can hit you anytime – craving chocolate!

  • Key Takeaway:

Chocolate acts as a neurotransmitter that activates the reward system in the brain. This results from an unnatural sugar addiction. 

Taste and Texturing make you crave chocolate

The taste and texture of the chocolate can be the reason you have to ask yourself, “Why am I craving chocolate?” After all, chocolates are easily one of the most delicious-tasting items you can get your hands on. They bring you a sense of pleasure and comfort – taste heavenly to the last bite. In fact, chocolates are bliss made manifest. For example, they come in a unique blend of tastes that range from sweet and bitter to salty and silky. Moreover, these craving-inducing tastes are always coupled with textures that are smooth and creamy – bubbly even. Undoubtedly, the blend of these both gives you a delightful sensory experience. Ultimately, this experience is what sets you craving chocolate. This experience is what sets your heart aflutter for chocolate. 

  • Key Takeaway:

The taste and texture of the chocolate leaves you craving chocolate when you need a sensory pleasurable experience. 

Social and cultural factors induce chocolate cravings

One of the reasons behind craving chocolate is the importance it has in our celebrations and events. For instance, the first thing that comes to the mind at the thought of a happy celebration is something sweet – chocolate. Thus, these positive associations lead you towards cravings that are intense and strong. After all, no happy celebration is ever complete without a bar of chocolate shared among your loved ones and you. Clearly, because of this positive association, our brains have started linking chocolate with feelings of happiness and comfort. Moreover, the cultural norms demand something sweet – chocolate, for example – shared between loved ones for celebrating happy events. Ultimately, all these social and cultural norms are triggers behind your chocolate cravings. 

  • Key Takeaway:

Happy events and celebrations also direct you towards craving chocolate because it amplifies the pleasure of these happy moments. 

Best chocolate you can eat when craving chocolate

Now that you are aware of what does craving chocolate mean, you need to know the best chocolate you can eat to satiate these cravings. After all, not all types of chocolates are the same; some are easily better than the rest of the options. Thus, if you want to satisfy these cravings, you need to know that you have a healthier option – a better type of chocolate you can opt for. All in all, the best chocolate you can eat to counter these cravings is dark chocolate: Why? Well, it has a high cocoa content. In fact, its cocoa content is 55% higher than the average chocolate. Here are some additional benefits of dark chocolates and the reason you should eat them:

Antioxidant richness

Because dark chocolates have high cocoa levels, it is packed with antioxidants. For example, flavonoids and polyphenols. Ultimately, these antioxidants have numerous health benefits. For instance, you can improve health and reduce inflammation when you acquire these antioxidants from dark chocolates. Thus, you should look for dark chocolates when craving chocolate.

Sugar Content

The best thing about dark chocolates is that they have low sugar content. Thus, you can stay stress-free because you are not craving chocolate because of sugar addiction when you opt for dark chocolate. What’s more, dark chocolate is a healthier alternative to milk and white chocolate because of this fact. Ultimately, consuming it can help you prevent crashes and spikes in blood sugar levels. 

Nutrient Density

As aforementioned, chocolate gets the body its fill of certain required nutrients. Amazingly, dark chocolate is dense with all these required nutrients. Unlike other chocolate options – milk and white – it has a nutrient richness that is totally unmatched. Easily, dark chocolate can help you get your body’s fill of Magnesium, Iron, Copper, and Manganese. All these are vital for various bodily functions.

Flavor Intensity

This is one of the main reasons you need dark chocolate when craving chocolate. Undoubtedly, of all the chocolate options, it has the most intense flavor. Thus, it is superior in taste and flavor to the rest of the available options. In fact, even a small portion – a teeny, tiny bite – of the dark chocolate can contribute a feeling of fullness and satisfaction. Therefore, you can counter your intense cravings easily. 


Now, you are aware as to why do you crave chocolate and what option is the best to satisfy these cravings. So, irrespective of the reason behind cravings, you can opt for dark chocolate without any worry or doubt. Not only is it the best – the healthier option – but it is also intense in flavor. Thus, you can get the fulfillment you need from it to counter the intensity of your cravings. Moreover, it has an unmatched nutrient density and low sugar content. Ultimately, all these factors keep it on the top of the list when it comes to finding the best chocolate. Lastly, the number of antioxidants in dark chocolate has bodily benefits as well. 

How much Dark Chocolate can you consume each day?

This is one of the questions that arises with craving chocolate. How much of it should you consume? Although it depends on many factors like individual health and dietary needs, there are more factors for you to take account of. But talking about dark chocolate here, many of the experts are in agreement that only a moderate portion is beneficial. That’s right! The benefits of dark chocolates are only attainable if you consume it moderately. If you consume dark chocolate more than a moderate amount, it can easily cause negative side effects such as:

  • High Sleeplessness
  • Urination Increase
  • Faster Heartbeat
  • Heavy Nervousness
  • Intense Skin Allergies 
  • Bad Headaches
  • Stomach problems
  • Constant Migraines
  • Gas & Constipation

So, if you want to avoid all these side risks, you better eat dark chocolate moderately. For example, the general recommendation from experts is about 1 to 2 ounces of it. In grams, you can take about 28 to 56 grams of it. Clearly, this recommended amount provides a good balance of antioxidants and essential nutrients. Additionally, it keeps the excessive calories, fat, and sugar at bay from your diet. Therefore, if you want to satisfy your chocolate cravings without countering negative risks of sugar and fat, you need only eat dark chocolate in moderation. Besides, recommended or not, everything should be consumed in moderation. Remember, the reason for eating chocolate is to satisfy the cravings. 

What’s more, even a small amount – the recommended one – of dark chocolate is enough to provide you with the fulness you want. As aforementioned, it has an intense flavor that helps you counter the intensity of your cravings. 

Tip for Eating Dark Chocolate in Moderation!

Always eat dark chocolate when you can share it with others. The more people you must share it with, the more moderate amount you will get for yourself. Moreover, it will foster your relationships and keep your dark chocolate consumption in check.

Final thoughts on craving chocolate, meaning and solution

Craving chocolate – naturally – results from various factors. From hormonal shifts and need for comfort to brain chemistry and nutrient deficiency, the reasons can vary from person to person. For instance, you might crave chocolate because your body requires certain nutrients, but your friend might crave chocolate because they are experiencing hormonal shifts. After all, chocolate cravings rise to high intensity for all these different and diverse reasons. Moreover, there are social and cultural reasons for craving chocolate as well. For instance, people naturally crave chocolate when they are celebrating a happy moment. In fact, no happy moment is celebrated to its fullest without a pack or bar of chocolates shared among loved ones. What’s more, the flavor and texture of the chocolate can also make you crave it more and more. 

Final Thoughts on why Dark chocolate is better

When you are craving chocolate, the best option for you to satisfy these cravings is dark chocolate. After all, dark chocolate is the healthiest kind of chocolate out and about in the market for you to go for. It is dense in nutrients, intense in flavor, high in antioxidants, and low in sugar. Thus, it can help you indulge your cravings and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Still, you need to consume this wonder of dark chocolate in moderation for it to grant you its benefits. In fact, if you eat it in more than the recommended moderate amount, you can risk so many side effects. Ultimately, this unmoderated consumption will compromise your overall health and well-being. The bodily functions will deteriorate, and you will face issues like sleeplessness, nervousness, and stomach problems – and then some. So, always consume it in amounts that are enough to satisfy your cravings.

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