When was Hot Chocolate Invented: History of Hot Chocolate

When was Hot Chocolate Invented: History of Hot Chocolate

How was hot chocolate invented is a question of great allure. After all, the history of hot chocolate is just as rich as its taste. Besides, this is a question that every chocolate lover ponders on from time to time. Clearly, there is no better treat than hot chocolate. Whether you take some on a cold winter’s evening or get some as an after-snack treat, it is delight through and through. In fact, you can pair it with chocolate covered fruit for maximum pleasure. The rich and warmth-filled taste of the hot chocolate never fails to make its way to your heart. Additionally, it brings with it a feeling of relaxation that is sweet and special like it.

However, this much-loved warm drink has changed so much with time. After – how was – hot chocolate invented, people did so many alterations to its taste. Over time, it became the hot beverage it is today. So, if you want to truly know how was hot chocolate invented – its history – you should give this blog a thorough read. Here we will cover its origin, regional changes, and benefits.

When was hot chocolate invented?

Initially, people thought that Mayan people were the ones behind when was hot chocolate invented – in 500 BC. Imagine this, the well-loved chocolate of today dating so far back in history. What’s more, the actual date of the hot chocolate invention is even back. The research work of today has covered this crazy fact about chocolate. Instead of 500 BC, 2500 BC is when was hot chocolate invented.

Furthermore, according to the research, the first civilization to enjoy the taste of hot chocolate was in Mexico. Moreover, Olmecs civilization is the name of this aforementioned civilization. The knowledge of this fact adds so much richness to the invention of hot chocolate. Guess, we are not the only people to share a love for hot and steaming cup of chocolate. In fact, we should thank this earlier civilization for introducing this dreamy warmth-filled hot chocolate to the world.

Taste of Hot chocolate invented by Olmecs civilization

Taste of Hot chocolate invented by Olmecs civilization


Another thing that comes to mind with the phrase "hot chocolate invented" is its early taste and usage. After all, as aforementioned, the hot chocolate of today is greatly different from the hot chocolate of early times. For instance, the taste of hot chocolate in early years was not sweet and smooth. In fact, the taste of hot chocolate in the early days had a rough and bitter edge to it. Additionally, the hot chocolate of the past was not actually hot. The ancient civilization drank it cold. Now compare the sweet and hot taste of today to the bitter, rough, and cold chocolate of yesterday.

Moreover, how hot chocolate invented was the old civilization is vastly different from how we make it today. After all, the resources we have today are better and different. Besides, there is no one single person behind hot chocolate invention. So many civilizations and years – a combined effort – shoulder this invention of hot chocolate if you may. What’s more, the first introduction of hot chocolate in Europe was as ‘Chocoatl.’ You can take apart this word into ‘choco’ and ‘atl’ – choco meaning foam and atl meaning water. Additionally, this also refers toward another chocolate fun fact that people made it by pouring it from cup to cup. Undoubtedly, in the past, people consumed chocolate as a beverage instead of truffles or foiled wrapped chocolates we know today.

How was hot chocolate invented in Mayan society & Mexico civilization

We all are aware that chocolate comes from the cocoa plant. But how was hot chocolate invented by Mayan society and Mexico society is vastly different. After all, both civilizations had different methods and resources. Here’s a brief guide for you.

Mayan Hot Chocolate

 Mexico Civilization Hot Chocolate

As aforementioned, Mayan people enjoyed their hot chocolate at a cold temperature. How was hot chocolate invented by them is not very complex. After all, they made it by grinding the cocoa pots with sweeteners. Ultimately, the taste of their hot chocolate invention was relaxing and sweet. Moreover, some of them liked to take their hot chocolate mixture as a bitter drink. They loved to keep the taste rich with cocoa sensation. After all, cocoa beans grant the chocolate its dark and bitter taste.

These people used to ground up cocoa beans with water, corn meal, and additional plant-based products. For example, maize was a constant go-to. Moreover, after grinding, people poured the resulting mixture back and forth until the ingredients formed a foaming, thickened brew. What’s more, they even used to add some chili peppers in the mixture to give it a rough and spicy taste. This is how these people liked their hot chocolate. There is no record of them adding sweeteners to it.


Europe’s role in How hot chocolate invented its taste

As aforementioned, the taste of today’s hot chocolate is the result of so many centuries and civilizations. Now that you know who created hot chocolate, you should know how its taste evolved over time. After all, the regions that hot chocolate traveled to and from, adjusted its taste according to their likings. Here’s the journey and evolution of Hot chocolate through Spain, Britain, and North America. Clearly, chocolate traveled a long way for you to crave it so intensely.


The hot chocolate invented by earlier civilizations found its way to Spain. When the Spanish conquistadors invaded Americans, they loved the taste of chocolate. Thus, they brought it back with them to the mainlands of Spain. Soon after, the Hapsburg imperial courts of Emperors like Charles V developed a liking for its taste. Therefore, people started consuming it in the Spain as well. Moreover, people consumed it in Spain after sweetening it.


In Britain, people started their chocolate houses in the 1690s. Britain had overseas possessions of its own in the Caribbean – including Jamaica. Thus, when the Spanish seized it, they brought their chocolate to the region as well. Moreover, the biggest change in the taste of hot chocolate happened here. After all, Britain people added milk to the mixture of Hot chocolate. They did this to give it a lighter and more refreshing flavor. In fact, these are the people who made it an after-dinner drink.

North America

Dutch Immigrants introduced hot chocolate from Britain to North America. The local population of North America took an immediate liking to this sweet drink. Soon enough, there were hot chocolate shops in North America almost everywhere. These people served hot chocolate with milk and sugar as well. In fact, there were no spices in their hot chocolate recipes.

When was Hot Cocoa Invented?

Now that you are aware of how hot chocolate was invented, you need to know about the creation of hot cocoa. This includes the invention of hot cocoa powder for making hot chocolate. Now that people had spread hot chocolate to North America, there was not much left to do – or so it seemed. After all, in the middle of the 18th century, the Dutch discovered how to make cocoa powder. The invention of cocoa powder changed the history of hot chocolate for good. Clearly, this cocoa powder lets you make hot chocolate easily. Whether you blend it with milk or water, for people who enjoy a glass of hot chocolate every now and then this was an exceptional invention. Moreover, when you blend this cocoa powder in water, you have your steamy glass of hot cocoa.

What’s more, after the invention of cocoa powder, the invention of solid chocolate made its way. In fact, a person invented the first chocolate bar only a century later. The person to invent it was Joseph Fry. He made it by melting the cocoa butter into Dutch cocoa and forming a paste that you could mold into a bar. This invention gave way to the invention of dark chocolate as well. After the invention of solid chocolate, the manufacturing industry started growing at a rapid rate. The chocolate gift basket and other products we have today are better versions of Joseph Fry’s invention of solid chocolate bar.

Difference between Hot Chocolate and Hot Cocoa

Difference between Hot Chocolate and Hot Cocoa


Putting aside hot chocolate of the past, here we will compare modern-day hot chocolate with modern-day hot cocoa. After all, this will help you know the drink you want to consume on your winter holidays. First off, the main difference between these two is the starting ingredient. After all, for hot chocolate you use whole chocolate. This includes chocolate couverture, milk, dark or white chocolate. In fact, you can even use chocolate bars from Krön chocolatier for making hot chocolate. However, for making hot cocoa you only need cocoa powder.

Secondly, there are so many fats in hot chocolate. And unlike hot chocolate, there are no fats in hot cocoa. Undoubtedly, the fats in hot chocolate come from cocoa butter. Furthermore, the taste of hot cocoa is not rich as that of hot chocolate. After all, it does not have the ingredients that add depth and layer – a special flair – to the taste. Still, it is a better option if you want to consume less calories.

Main Takeaway:

If you want a drink that is rich in taste, you should go for Hot chocolate. But if you are on a less-calorie diet to lose weight, Hot Cocoa is a better option for you.

Some benefits of drinking Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate shares the nutritional value and health benefits of dark chocolate to a great degree. There are so many reasons for you to take a liking to this warm drink. After all, it offers you so much more than just its rich taste. Besides, even the rich taste in question is so great that you crave it with a strange intensity. Anyway, here are some of the major benefits of drinking hot chocolate. Now that you know how was hot chocolate invented, revel in why you should drink it.

  • When you drink hot chocolate, it improves your heart health. Thus, it is a drink that is beneficial for you. Not many drinks will offer you this benefit that hot chocolate is offering.
  • The number of antioxidants in hot chocolate is amazing. After all, you make it from chocolate. Thus, it shares this benefit with solid chocolate too.
  • Hot chocolate helps you with your mood swings. It gives you a feeling of relaxation and happiness. Thus, you do not have to worry about any mood swings when you take a glass – or two – of hot chocolate.
  • It helps you reduce Type-2 diabetes. Therefore, if you are a patient of Type-2 diabetes, you should start consuming hot chocolate for your better health and overall well-being from diabetes.
  • The best way to lower blood pressure is to drink hot chocolate. Thus, if you are a patient of rising blood pressure, you can take great benefit by consuming it for better health and blood pressure.
  • Hot chocolate helps boost your brain power as well. Thus, if you want to study or work on a project, you must have a steamy cup of hot chocolate by your side. It will help you achieve the outcomes you want.


How and when was chocolate invented is a long and rich ride through history of multiple civilizations. After all, people have altered the hot chocolate with their time and taste. The taste of today’s hot chocolate is a result of so many modifications. Clearly, it started off as a drink that was spicy, rough, and bitter in taste. Moreover, Mayans and Mexico civilizations were the ones behind the phrase “hot chocolate invented.” Furthermore, it is a drink that has been around since 2500 BC according to the research of today. As it traveled from Spain to Britain and Britain to North America, the spicy and rough taste evolved into a foamy sweetness. Moreover, the Dutch made it lighter and richer in taste by adding milk in the ancient recipe. He is the reason why we consume and make solid chocolate today.

Additionally, now you have hot cocoa and hot chocolate as options. The difference between them is that one is rich in taste and has fats – hot chocolate – while the other one is plain in taste and has less calories – Hot cocoa. Moreover, there are so many benefits of drinking hot chocolate. For instance, it keeps you in good heart health, helps combat Type-2 diabetes, boosts your brain power, offers antioxidants, and helps you lower blood pressure and mood swings.

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