50 Fun Facts About Chocolate You Never Knew

50 Fun Facts About Chocolate You Never Knew

Chocolate facts are just as alluring and intriguing – flavorful even – as its taste. After all, there is so much that goes into its origin, history, production, and consumption. Clearly, chocolate has made its way through all of the aforementioned topics delightfully. Thus, there are facts about it that are a simple stunner; facts that are too unbelievable yet undeniable. And just like how chocolate leaves a sweet explosion in your mouth, its facts leave the same one in your mind.

In fact, once you give this blog a read, how much you never knew about chocolates will leave you speechless. Besides, if you are a chocolate enthusiast yourself, then these are the facts that you must know by heart.

Here are some of the best chocolate facts – historical, origin-based, production-based – for you. Whether you give these facts a careful and thorough read or skim through them, you will stay focused and hooked for good till you reach the last one. Moreover, we will start our way through the historical chocolate facts and work our way towards the rest of the aforementioned categories.

Historical Chocolate Facts from Around the World

Fun Facts About Chocolate You Never Knew

Surprise to no one, chocolate has a rich history around the world. After its discovery, it became part of so many cultures and social norms. Thus, there are so many chocolate facts that arise from around the world regarding its history. In fact, you will be surprised how many historical facts there are to know – and share – about this chocolatey delight. Here we begin:

  • People used chocolate as currency in the past

That’s right! It is known that the Mayans and Aztecs used cocoa beans as money. Additionally, they paid for food, taxes, and clothes with these cocoa beans. In fact, they even used these cocoa beans as gift offerings.

  • Napoleon Bonaparte loved to eat chocolate

This is such a crazy chocolate fact that all the history geeks and chocolate enthusiast love. According to Napoleon, an army marches on its stomach. Thus, he loved to keep his stomach filled with chocolatey treats.

  • Milk Chocolate was invented in 1875

Undoubtedly, milk chocolate is one of the most popular and well-loved types of chocolate. Therefore, it is stunning to know this chocolate fact because most people think it is a tale as old as time itself.

  • Chocolate was considered food of Gods

In ancient times, the name for chocolate – cocoa bean – plants were “Theobroma Cacao.” This name translates to “Food of the Gods.” Clearly, this is one of the cool facts about chocolate.

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  • The first Chocolate bar was made in 1847

This is another one of the stunning chocolate facts! Anyway, the first chocolate bar was simple: delicious with no particular texture. Moreover, Joseph Fry, a British confectioner created it for the world. Guess, we can thank him for the chocolate bars of today.

  • Chocolate has an ancient Mesoamerican origin

Clearly, chocolate originated from ancient Mesoamerica. After all, the first cacao plants were found there. Ultimately, the Mesoamericans turned these plants into chocolate. In fact, they even used it as a medicine.

  • Chocolate was the luxury item in societies

This is one of the chocolate facts that still hold merit in present times. After all, it is still exclusive mostly to the highest social classes. Clearly, it a luxury good through and through – even through the ages. No wonder it is such a delight.

  • Switzerland is the top chocolate-consuming country

That’s right! Most of the chocolate maniacs are in Switzerland. After all, this country stays on the top of charts when it comes to consuming chocolate. For instance, only in 2022 its chocolate consumption was 11.8 kilograms.

  • Chocolate was considered a love potion, a magic

There are no chocolate facts better than this one! Because chocolate induces a feeling of love and comfort, people considered it as an ingredient of witchcraft in ancient times. Moreover, science also testifies that this is true of chocolate.

  • The WWII soldier rations had chocolate bars in it

This is such a hard-to-believe chocolate fact! Still, there is no denying that the WWII rations had a portion of chocolate. Moreover, under the requirements, authorities had to make these chocolate bars four ounces for each soldier.

Chocolate Facts Related to its Production

Now that you know historical fun facts about chocolate, there are just as interesting production facts you must know. After all, chocolate is a treat that is interesting in every way: history, flavor, psychology, or production. Thus, there is so much that every enthusiast needs to know about it. Hopefully, the chocolate facts shared here will cover much of everything you need to know:

  • The weight of the world’s largest chocolate bar was 12,000 pounds

Can you imagine a chocolate bar that weighs this much? Undoubtedly, it must be a huge chocolatey monstrosity. Moreover, Thorntons plc created it in the United Kingdom.

  • People used to consume chocolate as a beverage first

These days, no person can imagine a life – or a time – without a solid chocolate treat to bite into. But the older times had no such delights. Thus, they used to consume chocolate as a beverage.

  • Chocolate Chip cookie was result of an accident

According to this chocolate interesting fact, the delightful chocolate chip cookies are an accident. The baker used chocolate bites to make cookies instead of powder and the result was tasty chocolate chip cookies. Clearly, this was an accident more perfect than the big bang that birthed solar system.

  • To make a pound of chocolate you need about 400 cocoa beans

Of all the chocolate facts, this one always stuns the chocolate lovers. After all, people imagine that each cocoa bean must hold enough to make a single chocolate bar. However, in truth, you can only get a pound of chocolate from 400 cocoa beans.

  • Belgium makes the world’s best chocolate pralines

The reason for this is that Belgium encases its pralines in chocolate casing. Thus, they are different – better – than the pralines made elsewhere in the world.

  • The worth of Chocolate industry is over £100 billion

You’ve read it right! The amount of chocolate that is consumed in the world – Switzerland, we are looking at you – raises the worth of chocolate industry. After all, this is an industry that is going into profit day by day.

  • The world’s most popular ice cream flavor is chocolate

Of all the chocolate facts, this one is a surprise to no one. After all, chocolate is a well-loved delight all around the world. Thus, it seems only fair that it must be the most preferred ice-cream flavor of the people too.

  • The first chocolate factory was established in 1728

That’s right! Charlie and the chocolate factory might be the craziest of chocolate factories, but the first one – in reality – was established in 1728. Moreover, it was established in the United Kingdom by a man named Joseph fry.

More Chocolate Fun Facts that are Incredibly Delicious to Know

Fun Facts About Chocolate

Aside from historical and production chocolate facts, there are some fun ones that are a must-know too. After all, chocolate is a fun delicacy. Hence, the facts it has are also fun in their own way. Here are the best ones for you:

  1. Chocolate’s Melting point is below the human body temperature.
  2. Chocolate has a smell that helps you relax and reduces stress.
  3. Dark chocolate has a whole lot of health benefits for consumers.
  4. Chocolates are just like poison for pet animals like dogs and cats.
  5. White chocolate is considered chocolate even though it is not one.
  6. The lifespan of the cocoa trees is 100 years each tree, per average.
  7. Chocolate can help you improve your thinking skills and functions.
  8. It is a very complex procedure to produce chocolate from cocoa beans.
  9. NOCHOCO PHOBIA is the name of fear of running out of chocolate to eat.
  10. There are three types of cocoa beans: Criollo, Forastero, and Trinitario.
  11. The most expensive chocolate sold in the world is covered in gold.
  12. Athletes consume chocolate to improve their sports performance.
  13. Chocolate is known to help improve the mood of the consumers.
  14. Ancient people are known to use chocolate as a medicine.
  15. Chocolate has a connection with inducing love and romance.
  16. One of the best natural sources of caffeine is chocolate.
  17. The best way to lower blood pressure is by eating chocolate.
  18. There are artists who make sculptures out of chocolates.

Key Takeaway:

Dark Chocolate is very important for the human body. After all, it helps you improve your health and mood. Moreover, you can get your fill of caffeine from chocolate instead of coffee. And if you want to lower you blood pressure, all you need is a chocolate truffle.

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Incredible Chocolate Facts you will Find Hard to Believe

When it comes to chocolate facts, there is no end to the delicious craziness. Take the following ones in example:

  1. Montezuma, Aztec Emperor, used to drink 50 cups of chocolate a day.
  2. For chocolate, there is International World Chocolate Day.
  3. People can visit chocolate-themed- amusement parks.
  4. Around the world, there are so many chocolate museums.
  5. Chocolate helps you boost the sexual drive and intensity of your body.
  6. The more chocolate you consume, the happier you are in life.
  7. Eating chocolate unlocks a reward system in your brain.
  8. Chocolate helps the brain release endorphins in the body.
  9. The dopamine effect is also a result of eating chocolates.
  10. The weight of the world’s largest chocolate sculpture was 22,000 pounds.
  11. Chocolate is not a very pet-friendly item to feed your pets.
  12. You can use chocolate in almost any and every dessert recipe.
  13. People prefer those desserts more than have chocolate in them.
  14. Gifting someone chocolates is the best way to convey deep feelings.

Key Takeaway:

Chocolate is so much more than a sweet delectable now. After all, there are amusement parks for chocolate, a celebration day, and even sculptures. What’s more, your brain sees eating chocolate as a rewarding activity. So, it is best to gift chocolate to others as well.

Final thoughts on Chocolate Facts

Clearly, chocolate is a wonder with high historical and production value. As suggested by the chocolate facts, it is nothing short of a marvel. Thus, the next time you are about to bite into a chocolatey delight, you must know the value it holds – aside from its alluring taste. After all, chocolate has been a luxury and a sweet delectable of importance throughout the ages. Moreover, the facts that you read in this blog are just as tempting to share as the chocolate itself. In fact, if you want to be on the good side of true chocolate enthusiasts, you need to have the know-how of all these shared facts.

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