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country with the best chocolate

Everyone wants to find out country with the best chocolate – it’s an age-old debate that holds high curiosity. After all, chocolate is one of the oldest culinary treats. And each country prepares and produces this treat in its own way. Whether growing cocoa beans or adding milk and butter, the chocolate making process is different. Ultimately, the developed chocolate is unique in all different countries. But now the main question is “which country is making the best chocolate?” So, in this blog, we will discuss the top countries that make the best chocolate in the world. Read till the end.

Every Country with the Best Chocolate in the World

Chocolate is a treat that you can eat anywhere – and any time. However, when you go on a world tour or visit another country, it becomes a delicacy that you MUST eat. In fact, most of the travelers do their best to bring chocolates from other countries. But which country has the best chocolate? Let’s get back to our main topic, the country with the best chocolate. If you are a chocolate lover, you must wonder which country is making the best chocolate. And the answer to this is here…

Countries with the best chocolate:

  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • Ecuador
  • United Kingdom
  • Ivory Coast
  • Italy
  • United States

Do you want these countries ranked? Sure, let’s go with the ranking order then. Here, we will rank from 1 to 7 – 1 being the highest and 7 being the lowest score. So, tighten up, because here we are going to rank the countries famous for chocolate production…

Belgium – Top-Rated Country with the Best Chocolate

For most people, the main point of going to Belgium is trying its chocolate. After all, it is the best country when it comes to chocolate production. So, you can’t go to Belgium and NOTTT try its chocolate. Now, you must be wondering why Belgium’s chocolate is unique. Unlike other countries, the chocolatiers in Belgium only cool chocolate at the end of production. Ultimately, the chocolate becomes much more aromatic and delicious.

Did you Know? The most expensive chocolate in the world is from Belgium. Belgian chocolate is loved by every chocolate enthusiast round the globe.

Moreover, you should know that Belgium’s reputation is also enhanced by the fact that most of the chocolate here is handcrafted. That’s right! Almost 70% of the Belgian chocolate is handcrafted for you. So, if you ever visit this country by chance or will, do try the chocolate here. From aroma to taste, it will be a pleasurable experience for you.

Switzerland – Next in Line, Making the Best Chocolate

Have you ever been to Switzerland? Whether your answer is yes or no, you must have heard about Swiss Chocolate. It’s THEEE BESSST chocolate ever. After all, Switzerland consumes the most chocolate in the world. So, it seems only fair that they must also make the best of it. And do you know what’s the fun part? The climate of Switzerland is not suitable for growing cocoa plants. Still, the Swiss are very dedicated people; they have found a way to work things out – and make the best chocolate in the world.

“A single person in Switzerland eats around 10 Kilos of chocolate every year.”

Additionally, if you are planning to try Swiss chocolate, the best brand is Lindt. This brand alone has earned Switzerland the reputation of the best country with the best chocolate. What’s more, you don’t even have to visit the country to try this one. You can find Swiss Chocolate around the globe – easily. Switzerland is a country famous for chocolate because almost every other person here is a chocolate lover. No wonder they consume chocolate so much! That’s right! If you go through 50 fun facts about chocolate, you will realize that Swiss people are the top consumers of chocolate.

Ecuador – Best Cocoa Beans in the World

The third place in the ‘country with the best chocolate’ ranking is for Ecuador. You should know that only 5% of the cocoa in the world is “Fine Aroma” – the best-quality cocoa. And the fun thing is that Ecuador is producing around 63% of this Fine Aroma cocoa.

Fun Fact Ecuador was formerly famous for exporting its special Cocoa – until it started making chocolate as well.

That’s right! Ecuador was already a well-recognized country. After all, it was making the best cocoa powder in the world. In fact, most of the top chocolate brands in the world were using its Fine Aroma cocoa to make their chocolates. So, you can say that Ecuador is behind the success of many chocolate brands – no matter the country. And Ecuador realized it as well. What did it do then? Well, Ecuador pulled the smartest and most practical move imaginable. It started making its own chocolate. Ultimately, it got ahead of all the traditional European chocolate makers and established itself as one of the best chocolate-making countries.

Paraci, a chocolate brand from Ecuador, has won dozens of international awards in recent years. It is delicious to an extreme point. The texture and taste are simply superb. If you have not tasted it, don’t call yourself a chocolate enthusiast. Anyway, the point is, Ecuador is also the best chocolate country in the world. Clearly, it makes the best cocoa and chocolate – two wins in one game!

United Kingdom – Famous for Milk Chocolates

Have you ever tried Cadbury chocolates? If so, you are already familiar with chocolates of United Kingdom. If no, please go and try some right now. In fact, eat one while you finish reading this blog. Or you can finish it first as well. Just don’t forget to taste Cadbury’s chocolatey goodness.

“Before chocolates, Cadbury was a brand famous for selling tea, coffee, and drinking chocolates.”

In the 1820s, Cadbury did not even know the “C” of chocolate. But the brand found its way to glory – making a name for the United Kingdom. In fact, it was in the 1850s only that the Cadbury brothers started making chocolates for Queen Victoria. For her, they made their classic Dairy Milk chocolate. If you want to try the best-ever milk chocolate, this is your go-to option. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk has the highest milk content. So, the next time someone asks you ‘where does the best chocolate come from?’ answer instantly – United Kingdom, duh! It’s the country with the best chocolate. What’s more, if you want to get the most out of your Cadbury chocolates, you MUST eat them while you tour the United Kingdom.

Ivory Coast – Best Handmade, Artisanal Chocolates

Ivory Coast is the country with the best chocolate production if your focus is on handmade, artisanal one. And yes! These do include all types of chocolate: Milk, White, and Dark. In fact, you should know that this country is the leader when it comes to the production of these chocolates. Clearly, the economic growth of this country also depends on chocolate production. Moreover, Ivory Coast is also one of the best exporters of cocoa beans.

In 2015, Instant Chocolat was launched in Ivory Coast. And this company/brand grew successfully within years. Whether you try their praline or bars, you will love the taste and textures. Ivory Coast chocolate is popular both internationally and nationally. So, you can give its chocolate a try without any worry. You will be in a sweet heaven – tastebuds will be tantalized.

Italy – Mama Mia! Try the Best Chocolate Here-a!

Another country with the best chocolate is Italy. And if you are an Italian, please take no offense to the heading. And if you are not, you should know that I have all my fingers pinched and am moving my hand quickly in Italian gesture ‘ma che vuoi?*’ Anyway, the thing is Amadei is the best chocolate producer in Italy. They grow and process their own cocoa beans – clever fellas! What’s more, they sure know how to make tasteful and texture-filled chocolate that delights the senses. If you ever visit this country, do try some of their chocolates – along with saying ‘Mama Mia!’ to the Italians. Clearly, it will be a win for you if you have a sweet tooth.

United States – World’s Biggest Chocolate Producer

You should know that our own country also ranks among the best countries that make chocolate – even if it is in 7th position. However, you should also know that this 7th position is by no means any less. For instance, just try something chocolatey from us – Kron Chocolatier – and you will be soaring through sweetness. After all, all the chocolates in our collection are handcrafted to give you the best experience possible. Additionally, we are rated high by every chocolate lover who tries something from our sweet collection.

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